Bike Facilities

Bike Parking

Bike racks are available outside most NIH buildings and within parking garages. Below is a map of all bike parking on campus, including bike lockers and indicating which locations are sheltered.


Here is a list of showers and lockers available to staff on NIH main campus organized by building. If you find facilities in subpar condition, please submit a maintenance request to report problems.

Bicycle Registration

NIH employees can register bikes free with the NIH police. To take advantage of this opportunity, contact the NIH Police non-emergency branch at 301-496-5685 or report to the Police Desk in Building 31, room B3B17, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Bike Parking and tool stations

The map shows locations of bike racks, covered bike racks and bike lockers.

In addition, you can find air pumps, bike repair kits and loaner tools at MLP10, P1, North of building 2, MLP 9, MLP11, MLP6, MLP8 and MLP6 (next to building 38A).