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Note: See new information regarding NIH BCC Jerseys. Get them before this year's Bike to Work Day!

 BTW 2017 in the books. Stay tuned, more to come soon...

Thanks for helping NIH be a leader in environmentally conscious and healthy commuting.

note: Cyclists may use the vehicle gates. See here for more information.

The bicycle commuter club provides an interactive forum for NIH cyclists, contributes to NIH-wide events and provides a voice to  various NIH offices representing our bicycle commuting interests. 

A taste of the Celebration - See the 2016 BTW, 2016 Carl Henn Award and 2015 BTW videos below

2016 Bike to Work - NIH Pit Stop

Carl Henn 2016 Advocacy Awardee - Peter Chines

2015 Bike to Work - A celebration

Witness below the audacity of Bike to Work 2014 participants...

Bike to Work 2014 - The flood warriors

Over 155 intrepid bicycle commuters arrived and signed-in at the BTWD pit stop this morning. We appreciate the generous contributions of the Pit Stop sponsors, Hudson Trail Outfitters, Proteus Bicycles, Giant Foods and Upper Crust BakeryOur thanks also go to the Division of Amenities and Transportation Services that provided the indispensable infrastructure for Bike to Work Day.

 Joe Cox of NIH-DATS was awarded the Carl Henn statue for promoting and furthering the safety of bicycle commuters on the NIH campus.

Close Call Database

A new resource for bicyclists. This community-fed database lists details of negative to dangerous encounters with other vehicle operators. The idea is to become informed about bicycle commuting realities to help make every ride a safer one.  Check out http://closecalldatabase.com/ .

Emergency flat tire repair kits stationed around campus!
To promote the use of alternative transportation, the Division of Amenities and Transportation Services has generously purchased emergency kits for bicycle repairs. These repair kits are stored at 11 Colonial Parking Booths throughout the Bethesda campus. Just ask any of the Colonial Parking attendants to assist you with their locations. 
These emergency kits consist of a floor pump, patch kit, tire levers, and spare inner tubes. These inner tubes are for emergency use only and must be replaced by the person taking one. Please return all parts of the repair kit after use so others may continue to benefit from the kits. 
Three tube sizes are stocked at each station:
  • 1. 26 x 1.25 -1.75
  • 2. 27 x 1 1/8 – 1 ¼ (700 X 28C – 32C)
  • 3. 700 x 18C -23C
Please check the tube valve (presta or shrader) to make sure it is consistent with your wheel before taking a tube. And if you have unwanted (new) tubes at home that you no longer need, feel free to donate to the collection. You could make someone's day! Enjoy and please respect this awesome investment in bike commuting by the NIH!