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Bike Bucks


NOTE: 2017 Worksheet now available. See below...
We continue to run the NIH Bike Bucks project that rewards bike commuters for providing the pollution-reducing, traffic congestion-reducing, fossil-fuel conserving, health-care cost reducing service we provide.
The basic idea of our Bike Bucks program is that you, NIH Bicycle Commuters, log your bike-commuting miles and for every one hundred (100) bike-miles logged, five (5) Bike Bucks will be awarded. These Bike Bucks are like coupons or vouchers that are honored as cash with select participating vendors. Participation in the Bike Bucks program does not affect your rights to claim Federal Transhare benefits.

There are now FOUR places you can spend your Bike Bucks.
  • You can use Bike Bucks to cover up to 15% of the cost of a three-month NIH Fitness Center membership
  • Bike Bucks can be used to cover up to 25% of the purchase of in-stock merchandise (but not bikes, frames, special orders or labor) at Proteus Bicycles in College Park, MD
  • ...and can be similarly spent with the same conditions at The Bicycle Place in Silver Spring, MD.
  • You can also use your Bike Bucks towards the price of your NIHBCC jersey. (You can use ONE Five Bike Bucks note per jersey).
To begin logging your commuting miles and earning your NIH Bike Bucks complete and submit the NIH Bike Bucks Program Application (click to download) after reading and agreeing to the rules for earning and spending Bike Bucks (contained within the application document). Then start logging your miles using the Bike Mileage Excel Spreadsheet. 

If you have questions or comments about the program, if you have an idea about a vendor you would like to see honor our NIH Bike Bucks, or if you are yourself a vendor interested in more details about the club or the Bike Bucks program, contact the Bike Bucks administrator or NIHBCC's Ellen Condon

Information for Vendors

This document is designed to inform DC Metro area residents, bicycle advocates, government officials and bicycle-related vendors about the NIH Bicycle Commuter Club. Details are contained herein about the NIHBCC membership, our NIH Bike Bucks Program (a bike commuting mileage rewards program), and our other club activities. We are seeking support from members in the bicycle community to help us bring attention and expertise towards the accomplishment of these important bicycling milestones. If you are interested in more details about the NIH Bicycle Commuter Club or any of our activities, please contact NIHBCC officer Vernon Anderson .
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